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Welcome to Jay Bell’s blog. I’m the Director of Internationals, USA, a ministry of Grace Brethren International Missions. This blog is dedicated to the nations of the world living in our communities. All of us can have a significant international ministry right where we live! All of us can play a vital role in the Great Commission without a U.S. passport, a plane ticket and inoculation shots. These are my stories.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Bed-Rock Truth for Reaching the Nations in Our Communities

Acts 17:24-27 is foundational for the Church in the U.S. We are becoming spiritually pluralistic, much like Athens where Paul was presenting God to the philosophers. When preaching to the Jews, he began with the Old Testament Scripture; but with the Gentiles, he always gave them an opportunity to climb aboard by starting at the bottom rung: creation by a Creator.

Paul boldly affirmed that God made the world and everything in it (v.24). Part of that creation is the nations (v. 26). Paul stated that God made every nation (all 16,000!) from one man (Adam) and he determined two things about these nations: the time of their existence and the “exact places” where they should live (v. 26).

On of those “exact places” is the U.S. More exactly, your community. Now why did God do this? Verse 27: “God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him …”

God is giving the nations of the world an opportunity to find him by bringing them to America. God is giving the Church living in America an opportunity to make disciples of all the nations.

Bell’s Blog ‘Bout the Nations is a journal of my journey in calling out the Bride of Christ from among the nations. I pray God will open your eyes to see how you also can have a significant international ministry – right where you live!


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